LP® SmartSide® panel shed M902 – 118 x 368 cm – 4 m2

Product code: M902
Price with VAT:2389,00  / pc.
Assembly duration up to 12h
The shed is assembled in 10-12 hours by 2 people.

• The LP® SmartSide® panels make the Timbela garden shed easy to place into a small yard. A multi-purpose, minimalist garden shed that can conveniently and tidily store your essential garden tools, bicycles, small garden equipment or children’s toys. Tidy up your yard, and enjoy your outdoor space more than ever.
• The garden shed is made of 10 mm thick primed LP® SmartSide® panels, which are extremely robust, and are resistant to environmental influences, deformation, fungus, insects and rot. The base of the LP® SmartSide® panel is made from wood chips, which are added to the manufacturing process with weather-resistant adhesives and additives.
• The shed comes complete with LP® ProStruct® floors and a grey bituminous tile roof. The shed has ventilation grilles intended for the additional circulation of air.
• The wall panels and wooden parts of the edging must be treated! The shed is sold UNPAINTED with a specially selected paint set including: 3 l of paint in the colour of your choice for the wall panels; 1 l of white paint for the wooden parts. Please choose the paint colour for the wall panels before adding the product to your basket.

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Delivery information
To Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland
Delivery within 3-7 business days.
Other European Union countries
Delivery within 10-15 business days.
Payment methods:
15-year warranty
For LP® SmartSide® panel
10-year warranty
For LP® ProStruct® floor panel
Made in Lithuania
Sold by the manufacturer
Ready to ship
Dispatch 1-2 working days
What is included in the package?

10 mm thick LP® SmartSide® wall panels

15 mm LP® ProStruct® flooring with the SmartFinish® coating

Waterproof OSB-3 (12 mm) roof panels

Grey bituminous roof tiles

Grey tin gutters

Single door with a lock

Ventilation grilles

Wooden finishing of the corners

A set of paints of the selected color

Plexi glass windows

Assembly kit (wood screws, hinges)

Assembly instruction

Client photos
Technical Specifications
Wall thickness
Roof dimensions
Roofing material
Roof load
Window size
Window material
Door dimensions
Door features
Paint kit color
4.34 m2
239 cm
118 cm
368 cm
10 mm
LP® SmartSide®
161 x 412 cm
OSB-3 (12 mm) panel
Gray bituminous tiles
120 kg/1 m2
14 x 53 cm
Plexi glass
77 x 180 cm
Lock with handle
15 mm floor LP® ProStruct® with SmartFinish® coating
Cavern Steel, Harvest Honey, Redwood Red, Terra Brown, Tundra Grey
Warranty and other information
LP® SmartSide® wall panels

– Robust and impact resistant
– Resistant to sun, rain and other environmental influences
– Protected against pests and mould.

LP® SmartSide® panels are manufactured using the SmartGuard® process. With four protective components, this process significantly increases the strength of the panels and helps LP® SmartSide® products withstand deformation, temperature fluctuations, high humidity and other damaging conditions.

Additives used in the production process: resins, waxes, zinc, primed coating.

– Zinc borate – this is a naturally occurring additive that protects the panels against mould and pests. The panel contains triple the amount of zinc borate, which is harmless to humans but reduces pest breeding to zero.
– Resins – a marine epoxy resin is applied to the panels, to provide incredible resistance to severe impacts and temperature fluctuations.
– Wax – a waterproof wax coats every piece of wood, to create a waterproof barrier that will withstand rain, snow and moisture.
– Primed coating– this final layer of protection shields the panel from moisture and provides a durable base for the adhesion of high-quality paint.

LP® SmartSide® panels must be painted. The shed is sold with a specially selected paint set. Please choose the paint colour for the wall panels before adding the product to your basket.


The LP® SmartSide® panel comes with 15-year warranty, the LP® ProStruct® floor panel comes with 10-year warranty The guarantee starts on the date of invoicing.  The warranty is valid only when the product is assembled following the assembly instructions. The warranty only covers the replacement of defective parts! All parts are delivered in their natural state and must be treated following the instructions.

To avoid possible mistakes when assembling the hut, we recommend checking the product parts list and sorting the parts before installation. This check must be carried out within 14 days from the date of purchase. The warranty only applies to defective parts that have not yet been installed in the product. Defective parts that have already been treated and used in the product are not covered by the warranty!

In order to benefit from this guarantee, the Buyer must inform the Seller in writing of any damage or defect in the Goods at sale@timbela.com. In the event of a defect or damage to the goods, the Buyer must provide detailed photographs of the goods and a list of the damaged (defective) parts. Please also include the LOT number indicated in the installation instructions.

Product packaging

The product is delivered to the Buyer unassembled. The parts are packed on a pallet, protected by a black film and additional plating.

The product you have purchased is manufactured, tested, and packaged according to high-quality standards and controls.

We recommend:

– Store the packaged product in a dry, dark place without direct contact with the ground.

– Protect from sun and moisture.

Preparing for product assembly

Please read the instructions carefully before starting to assemble the shed to avoid any mistakes when assembling and using the product you have purchased.

Check that the packaging contains all the parts mentioned in the instructions and sort them.

We recommended to paint one coat before assembly, first the ends of floor panels and the ends of all wall panels. The vertical trim boards we also recommended to paint one coat before assembly. When you assemble the wall panels, for soffit and fascia trims we recommend to paint one coat and after assembly the vertical trim to paint second coat all panels and trims.

Before assembling, please check that the surface on which you intend to build the hut is level. We recommend having a hard, moisture-resistant surface, such as concrete paving, paving units, or foundations. Do not build your wooden hut on grass or soil!

When choosing a spot for the hut, please make sure the hut will not be exposed to extreme weather conditions (strong winds or snow). Otherwise, you should additionally use anchors.

Product delivery

All products are packed on pallets and delivered by heavy goods vehicles equipped with lifts.

Order is delivered as close to the house as possible! If a large vehicle cannot enter the yard, the load is unloaded where access is available, so make sure that a large truck can reach your home before purchasing the product.

Telephone number REQUIRED for delivery. If the buyer cannot be contacted, the courier will not be able to deliver the goods!

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