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About us
UAB Timbela & Ko is engaged in the production and wholesale of wooden products for the garden, houses and homesteads. Original wooden children’s houses will create a world of wonders for children. Firewood and tool kits of various sizes and styles will help you tidy up and decorate your yard.

Our products are made of high quality spruce and pine wood.

The products are packed and prepared for safe transportation with great care. The packages are additionally reinforced so that the cargo is transported to the buyer without damage.

We also manufacture various furniture parts. UAB Timbela & Ko was founded in 1999, so we are proud to be an experienced and reliable wood products company with high ratings from France, Germany, Spain and other buyers.

Davi gamykla
Only high-quality dried and planed FSC® C110730 certified pine / spruce is used in our production. High wood quality is characterized by small and fine branching, smooth and light wood color.

Manufacturer’s service guarantee – sold by the manufacturer, as a result of which intermediaries are avoided and the highest quality service is provided. In the event of any problems, problems are resolved quickly, in a timely manner and flexibly.

The quality of our products is ensured by new technologies and factory equipment, as well as quality supervision.