Terms of delivery of goods

We always try to reach the customers of the goods ordered in the Timbela ir ko online store as soon as possible. Usually during the season we have most of the products in stock, so we deliver the goods within 1-14 working days, depending on the stock of the available goods and the place of delivery. Currently, all goods are sold in the online store “Timbela ir ko” by courier.

Please note that due to the constantly changing situation in Lithuania and around the world related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in some cases longer delivery times are possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. We make every effort to ensure that the goods you have ordered reach you as soon as possible.

Important information about the delivery of goods

Presentation of an identity document. At the time of delivery, the courier may require the presentation of an identity document (driving license, identity card or other document) confirming the identity of the consignee. If the product will be picked up by another person, state their name and surname at the time of ordering.

Inspection of the consignment at the time of delivery. We recommend checking the external condition of the shipment during the delivery of the goods in the presence of the courier. If you notice at least the slightest damage to the shipment, it is necessary to write notes to the courier about the damage to the shipment. Upon acceptance of the consignment and signing of the consignment documents without comments, it is considered that the consignment has been handed over in good quality, in which case claims for external damage to the goods will no longer be accepted.

Delivery time. The courier service delivers orders only on working days. Usually, before arrival, the courier contacts the consignee to arrange an arrival time.

Returning the goods. Goods sold are granted the warranty service period specified in the product description. The ordered goods can be returned to the seller within 14 days without stating the reason for return, according to the laws in force in the Republic of Lithuania. Returned goods must be undamaged and packaged as on delivery. The goods can be returned by self-delivery or by courier to our warehouse at Kašonys, Jiezno sen., Plento str. 23, LT-59339 Lithuania. After assessing the condition of the returned goods, the money within 5 days. returned to the buyer. Transportation costs for the return of goods are taken care of by the buyer.