Wooden shelves set M640

Product code: M640-1
Price with VAT:64,00  / pc.
  • This versatile storage rack features four open shelves designed to accommodate your garden tools, equipment, boxes, and other gardening essentials. It serves as an excellent display and storage solution for your garden shed, garage, or home storage needs. 1 package contains 2 shelves!
  • Installation of the shelves is straightforward for DIY enthusiasts. For extra stability, we recommend attaching the shelves to the wall and/or placing the shelves on a non-slip flat surface. 
  • This OSB shelving unit is adaptable for numerous purposes and efficiently utilize space while maintaining tidiness. It finds utility in various settings, including garden sheds, garages, home storage areas, and pantries. The sturdy construction accommodates both small and large items securely, preventing thin gardening tools and other objects from slipping through the gaps. 
  • These shelves are crafted to seamlessly integrate into any environment you choose. Their simple design enables effortless blending in garage or garden shed settings. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select the color that best suits your new shelves and complements your surroundings.
  • Weight capacity of one tier is about 20 kg. Total weight capacity is no more than 80 kg.
  • All wooden parts are delivered in their natural state and must be treated!
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Delivery information
To Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland
Delivery within 3-7 business days.
Other European Union countries
Delivery within 10-15 business days.
Payment methods:
Certified wood
FSC® C110730 certificate
2 year warranty
For all products
Quality guarantee
ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015
Made in Lithuania
Sold by the manufacturer
Ready to ship
Dispatch 1-2 working days
What is included in the package?

Waterproof OSB-3 (12 mm)

15 mm thick wooden frame

Assembly instructions

Installation kit

Package includes 2 shelves!

Technical Specifications
External dimensions
Shelf frame thickness
Shelves thickness
Package dimensions
Package weight
0.29 m2
178 cm

89 x 33 cm

15 mm

12 mm

Nordic Pine / Spruce, OSB-3 (12mm) waterproof plywood

106 × 44 × 16 cm
24 kg
Warranty and other information

Our products come with a 2-year warranty. The guarantee starts on the date of invoicing. The warranty is valid only when the product is assembled following the assembly instructions. The warranty only covers the replacement of defective parts! All wooden parts are delivered in their natural state and must be treated following the instructions.

To avoid possible mistakes when assembling the hut, we recommend checking the product parts list and sorting the parts before installation. This check must be carried out within 14 days from the date of purchase. The warranty only applies to defective parts that have not yet been installed in the product. Defective parts that have already been treated and used in the product are not covered by the warranty!

In order to benefit from this guarantee, the Buyer must inform the Seller in writing of any damage or defect in the Goods at sale@timbela.com. In the event of a defect or damage to the goods, the Buyer must provide detailed photographs of the goods and a list of the damaged (defective) parts. Please also include the LOT number indicated in the installation instructions.

Product packaging

The product is delivered to the Buyer unassembled. The parts of the product are packed unassembled in a cardboard box.

The product you have purchased is manufactured, tested, and packaged according to high-quality standards and controls.

We recommend:

– Store the packaged product in a dry, dark place without direct contact with the ground.

– Protect from sun and moisture.

Product delivery

The products are packed in cardboard boxes and delivered by courier.

Once payment has been made, the address of the order cannot be changed.

Order is delivered as close to the house as possible! If the courier cannot find the recipient at home, the parcel is delivered to the nearest parcel drop-off center and the recipient is informed about the delivery by leaving a note.

Telephone number REQUIRED for delivery. If the buyer cannot be contacted, the courier will not be able to deliver the goods!

Properties of natural wood

We only use high-quality FSC® C110730 certified dried and planed pine/spruce. High-quality wood has minor and fine branching, smooth and light color.

Wood is a natural raw material that varies according to natural weather conditions.

Therefore, small cracks and discoloration are not defects in the wood but characteristics of the wood as a natural raw material.

The small gaps that appear between the boards are also a reaction of the natural material. If the product has been properly treated, after some time the wood’s “movements” stop.

Due to the natural characteristics of the wood, product dimensions may vary by 1–2 mm.

Untreated wood can turn blue or grow mold. To protect the wood, you must coat the wooden parts on all sides with a wood impregnator before assembling the product.

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