Wooden garage M106

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TIMBELA M106 Outdoor wooden garage – pine / spruce garage, panel construction – H222 x 420 x 244 cm

  • A sturdy wooden garage of classical architecture is an excellent choice to store motorcycles, bicycles or other things in your garden.
  • Ecology, naturalness, and sustainability! The high quality of wood is characterized by low branching, and the light and smooth color of the wood. The natural structure of the wood is so beautiful that it is possible to impregnate the product with oil and enjoy naturalness if bright colors are not preferred.
  • Manufactured in the European Union! The seller is the manufacturer – for this reason no middlemen are involved and thus the highest level of service can be provided. In case of any problems – the manufacturer solves them promptly and flexibly.
  • External dimensions: 420 x 244 cm  Internal surface: 8.1 m2; Internal measurements: 395 x 205 cm

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17 205×395 244×420 12,5 180 222
8.1 OSB 12 155×179 56×59
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To Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland
Delivery within 3-7 business days.
Other European Union countries
Delivery within 10-15 business days.
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Certified wood
FSC® C110730 certificate
2 year warranty
For all products
Quality guarantee
Carefully supervised production
Made in Lithuania
Sold by the manufacturer
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Dispatch 1-2 working days
Technical Specifications
Package dimensions
Package weight
192 × 114 × 73 cm
392 kg
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