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High-quality and safe children’s wooden playhouses for the fun of children and decoration of yards and gardens. These playhouses are made of high quality dried and planed wood. In the playhouses, children will not only can play and develop their self-sufficiency, but to assemble them together with the whole family, paint in their favourite colours and arrange the interior. These are your children’s dream homes where they can create their own tales. The houses are certified according to the European EN-71 standard. For children from 3 years of age. Easy to assemble according to the assembly instructions provided. Sturdy playhouses with design based on the criss-cross principle. Playhouses only for private use.

Our range also includes wooden outdoor furniture for children: sandboxes, wooden tables, toy boxes and accessories. Choose from sandboxes with a cover, a bench or a canopy. The roof will protect children from direct sunlight.

Wooden tables are adapted for little children who already want to have their own table. Tables with a sandbox or a canopy.

Toy boxes with rain cover suitable for keeping outdoors. These are great toys that will help you create an irreplaceable playground for your kids outside where children will develop their motor and creative skills.

With quality painting and impregnation the products will last for many years.

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Wooden playhouse M501C-3/R

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Wooden playhouse M501F

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Wooden playhouse M505

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Wooden playhouse M522

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Wooden table for children M014

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Wooden table for children M018

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