Wooden garage M105


  • Wall thickness: 17 mm;
  • Assembled dimensions: H222 x 224 x 320 cm;
  • Package dimensions: H63 x 120 x 192 cm;
  • Roofing material: bituminous coating;
  • Weight: 300 kg;
  • With the window;
  • Window material: plexiglass;
  • Collected within 6 hours, two persons.

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  • TIMBELA M105 Outdoor wooden garage - pine / spruce garage, panel construction - H222 x 320 x 224 cm / 6 m2
    • A sturdy wooden garage of classical architecture is an excellent choice to store cars, motorcycles, bicycles or other things in your garden.
    • Ecology, naturalness and sustainability! The high quality of wood is characterized by low branching, the light and smooth color of the wood. The natural structure of the wood is so beautiful that it is possible to impregnate the product with oil and enjoy naturalness, if bright colors are not preferred.
    • Manufactured in the European Union! The seller is the manufacturer - for this reason no middlemen are involved and thus the highest level of service can be provided. In case of any problems - the manufacturer solves them promptly and flexibly.
    • Total external area: 7.12 m2; External dimensions: 320 x 224 cm  Internal surface: 6 m2; Internal measurements: 300 x 200 cm
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